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Roku made me start all over

Use my Roku all the time. Turned on the tv and all of a sudden, it’s like I’ve never turned it on before. The channels I pay for, I have to pay for again. Makes me sign into all the channels I signed in to a couple years ago. Please help or if someone has a phone no. For tech help. 
Thank you


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Re: Roku made me start all over

What make & model of Roku TV do you have? I'd guess its flash memory somehow became corrupted, but have never encountered this before, even after years of abruptly powering down various Roku's.

You won't have to pay for anything again, though, only re-enter your account details for whatever services you subscribe to (or re-register using a computer browser or phone for those that allow this). A big hassle to be sure, but no monetary loss, at least!

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