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Reel Rookie

Lost access to all my Roku Live channels shortly before midnight.

Was watching a variety of Roku TV channels including Red Green when all the Roku live channels disappeared. I was going to navigate to a news channel and I get a message that the channel wasn't available and to check my network settings. I checked a local news app and that played fine. So my network was not an issue. I settled on watching the ball drop on a three minute delay on a news channel on Pluto TV. Roku dropped the ball in another not so nice way figuratively by losing all live TV channels at once. All that was left of my live TV channels were the local ones I can pick up from my TV antenna. Thanks Roku! And Happy New Year! Despite the Roku Channel telling me to check my network settings. My other Roku apps are working fine. My WiFi is still connected on my phone. So I know The Roku Channel's live TV bit the dust around 10 minutes to midnight for no apparent reason.

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