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Level 7

One Channel Just Shows Black Screen on Live Antenna TV

RCA Model RTRU5527-B-US

Hardware ID 7815X

Serial YN008R992768

Software version 11.5.0 Build 4312-AM

It's been a few days now that only one channel (44.1) just started displaying a black screen. The channel info says I have full strength and it also displays the current show that is playing and a full description of the show. The channel guide even shows the thumbnail image of the current show running.
The other channel 4.1 works fine.

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Level 9

Re: One Channel Just Shows Black Screen on Live Antenna TV

Does 44.1 still come in OK on other televisions?  I'd try re-scanning for signals (Settings -> TV inputs -> Live TV -> Scan for antenna channels) to force a rebuild of the Roku's channel table. That station might have made a subtle change to their PSIP table (e.g. new MPEG program-ID numbers) that's somehow confusing the receiver. I think Roku pulls broadcast program descriptions from an Internet service rather than over-the-air.

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