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Roku TV sets Soundbar it finds on the network automatically even though it is not connected

The Roku TV finds a Visio Soundbar on our network and automatically changes the HDMI input 2 which is connected to a Sony DVD player / Entertainment system to the Visio Soundbar.

The Visio Soundbar is connected to an LG TV via HDMI ARC, but that connection is broken when the Roku TV adds it automatically.

Then the Roku TV starts displaying the HDMI ARC message "Please connect your audio device to the HDMI ARC port", which is HDMI 3. There is nothing connected to HDMI 3.

The Sony DVD player / Entertainment system is connected to HDMI 2 for the DVD player and optical for Digital Dolby sound from the Roku TV and is older with no CEC or ARC.


 - Audio Output = Optical / Dolby / Custom = Dolby Digital

The really bad thing is that the Roku TV re-adds the Visio Soundbar to the list of CEC devices after I remove it and once it does the LG TV can no longer find or use the Visio Soundbar that is connected to the LG TV via HDMI ARC. I have to unplug the Roku TV, shut down and unplug the LG TV, then plug the LG TV back in again so it will play sound through the Visio Soundbar.

I have tried many things and have found no long term solution.

Thank you for any help with this issue.


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