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Roku Streambar Sound distortion & static

I want to cry! Very excited about our brand new Roku streambar. Got it all set up last night and all was working fine. About an hour and a half into watching this morning… There was suddenly static coming from the sound bar and now all sound is distorted. Like it’s coming through a tunnel. I have tried so many things and nothing is fixing it. Please help!!!

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Re: Sound distortion & static

For something to suddenly start while in use, that's very unusual. First I'd check to see if any sound or volume modes are enabled. I've never seen the streambar in use, but with most Roku devices you access them with the * button on the remote.

If nothing there changes anything, is there another TV in your home you could test it on? Perhaps try a different HDMI cable, and if you're using an optical cable from the TV to the streambar you might try a different one as well. 


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Re: Sound distortion & static

Had this same problem with the TV. Go to *Option, on menu go to Sound mode, select Normal. Next scroll down to Volume mode, select *Off. Audio is now cleaned up on TV.

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Re: Sound distortion & static

Did you ever find a fix? It's definitely some type of firmware issue. But seems not so many people have the streambar as they do other Roku devices, so much less feedback from others.

Looking it up, seems others have reported near same exact issues with Roku Ultra (granted that is pushing sound to a TV speaker or sound system...) those users reported toggling the Stereo sound settings to resolve.

However, that isn't an option with the Streambars. Had this unit for 3 months, and it was a little dream was super happy, but then sometime in February (or so...) it underwent a firmware/software update, and now I have this funky static issue. Smiley Sad

I have read a few other forums with users having similarish issues with the soundbar version (larger), as well as other Roku speakers... their FIX was reported to power off the speaker (physically pulling power)... interestingly > that works!

BUT for only about a day (if not less) before it creeps right back up. Seems to escalate when toggling Bass settings along with voice clarity settings, and then seems to just never recover until the full poweroff.

I have a few smartplugs laying around, so probably going to program one of those to auto power cycle my roku streambar once a night. BUT ... really Roku.

I too may call Roku to discuss warranty and/or buy a replacement (cause we already know how the warranty gonna go down... derp derp, they're gonna say 'reboot', it'll work, get off the phone... and then boom # repeat. (At least that's how most go down)

I wonder how many people this is happening to. No one else in my household seems to 'mind it', or even claim to notice it. But it's definitely distorted, staticky ~ and makes for viewing experience to be bad.

Ill def troubleshoot more, and feedback if any success with a better solution. (Outside of physical power cycles)

*Note, software reboots don't seem to fix it, physical unplug does* which is hella annoying and inconvenient.

I guess at minimum, contacting Roku of the issue, would help them determine a firmware update to resolve this issue. Sounds like def software problem. 


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Re: Sound distortion & static

I’m visiting my in laws today, who told me they are having the same problem. It sounds awful. No changing of settings/power cycle is giving even a temporary remedy. I did notice YouTube (Opus codec) in stereo doesn’t seem to exhibit the issue as badly, as well some stereo AC3 videos from my own collection. That seems to match up with Ultra users changing output to stereo.

Not sure how to proceed.

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Re: Sound distortion & static

I have the same issue.static nothing seems to help?  I have not seen any comments from roku...I guess I will call support.  

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Re: Sound distortion & static

More people to report the merrier.


Feed back if they give anything useful. I'll do the same. 

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Re: Sound distortion & static

Interesting feedback.

I have several devices hooked up through the TV (Chromecast w/ G TV, Fire TV, and a mini-PC computestick. I'll try those other codec you referenced via the computestick device (as there is more output control there...) ... DEF not a fix haha (as everyone knows.

Would love to hear some feedback from Roku. My guess is, not enough volume of these units in people's hands yet, for there to be enough complaints in place to trigger a firmware update.

Sad Sauce. Too bad too, there's no (that I know of...) way to rollback firmware. Maybe a factory restart? Initially it was golden, but it def FW updated in the last month or two, and was a crackly-derp ever since.

Channel Surfer

Re: Sound distortion & static

I have a Roku tv sounds is fine.  I have the wireless speakers wound is fine...only static is when sound comes from my streambar....was great for a couple months now it is horrilble.

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Binge Watcher

Re: Sound distortion & static

Yea highly annoying.

BTW support had me 'factory reset'. I knew that wasn't going to do jack... but entertained it 

Can confirm, after factory reset > same issue. I was kinda hoping the reset would reset the firmware as well, but didn't. Same FW build derp from December / January.

Pinging support back again... 

Software Version: 9.4.6

Build: 4013

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