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No 5.1 audio on Netflix (ok with PS4 and Chormecast Ultra)

Hi, I've read similar topics but still can solve my problem. Just connected my new Roku.

- 3820X - Streaming Stick 4k

- Last firmware (10.5.1)

- Audio output via optical to a Sony amplifier

I connect the PS4/Chromecast Ultra to any of the HDMI inputs of my (6-year-old) FullHD TV and it works, 5.1 no configurations needed. I bought the Roku because now I only have a Chromecast 3 (no 5.1) and wanted a more open/compatible/updated solution than Chromecast Ultra. But this feature is a must, don't want to use the PS4 for NetFlix and Roku for everything else.

Roku audio and HDMI settings are in auto (I tried to set custom and DD but same results).


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