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Is it possible to request iQiyi to be added to the Roku channel list?

Is is possible to add the iQiyi app to the list of streaming channels on the Roku store? 

This app does exist. I recently purchased a 40" Samsung Smart TV. Going through their channel store I was surprised to find and access the iQiyi app. I was able to access "certain" programs with no problem of a subscription. Because of this discovery I requested the iQiyi app some time ago. I figured if it was available through a one vendor then maybe see if Roku would consider adding it to their list of channels.

The other reason why I requested it for the Roku device, awhile back, was due to the fact that we have two older HDTV models. One is a older HDTV model (480p-720p). The other is an older LCD HDTV (1080p) which can only access streaming content through a streaming type device or player with Wi-fi capability that allows for apps to be added and accessed. We are using several Roku devices for that. Since we have a younger person that watches iQiyi on a computer, it would be nice if we could throw the content to the Roku devices and enjoy them on a larger screen. 

I did contact iQiyi but I doubt the people really knew what I was asking of them. Or they probably not so invested to consider passing along that information. 

Hopefully, something will happen. 

Thank you.

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