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Reel Rookie

Need a MiLB app to go along with current MLB app

Problem MiLB has no Roku App
Casting from Windows 10 to 24 Onn.Roku TV:
List but shows N/A on:
Edge browser
MiLB app for PC
MLB app for PC
List and shows casting available on You Tube
Doesn't even appear on list for Google browser

Roku has an MLB app but no MiLB app for its 7,000 minor league baseball games. I can get by casting to my living room TV which all recognize but cannot cast to my desktop TV 24 Onn.Roku.TV that only You Tube app seems to recognize as of 2023-04-05.

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Re: Need a MiLB app to go along with current MLB app

Greeting @Gator4814

Welcome to the Roku Community. 

Even though the terms “casting” and “screen mirroring” are commonly interchanged in the industry, there are differences when using them with your Roku device. To use casting, the supported app must be installed on both your mobile device and your Roku streaming device.

Since the channel is not available on the Roku device, we suggest you screen mirror your Windows device. To learn more about replicating the screen from your compatible mobile device on your TV, review the detailed article about screen mirroring.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted. 


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