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I cant get screen mirroring from PC to TLC Roku TV to work

I am trying to mirror my laptop (win 10) screen to my Roku TV, wirelessly.  It tries to connect and then disconnects. My TV model #555401, Hardware: 7111X, Software: 11.5.0 I just dont know what I am doing wrong. I want to project my laptop screen to my TV to teach basic computer skills to my daughter, so as in a second monitor type of feature.

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Re: I cant get screen mirroring from PC to TLC Roku TV to work

Hi @eramsey

Welcome to Roku Community. 

Thank you for letting us know about the issue you are experiencing. We suggest you restart your Roku TV  and laptop to see if it helps. If the issue persists, please refer to the support article here for additional troubleshooting steps: How to screen mirror your Android or Windows phone to your Roku streaming device

Does this clear up the issue? Please keep us posted. 


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