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Update to DP Channel did not work on 1 channel and now will now schedule update

Way back on June 22 I scheduled 3 channels to update and emails arrived back after a few days saying they were updated.  However, one of the channels never updated to the new settings and now for a long time you can go through the motions of saying you want to publish the updated channel and it never lists a confirmation date on the Preview and Publish page showing that the just scheduled update REALLY is scheduled for update.  This happened before (long ago) and there was no explanation for, somebody just dinked around and eventually I could schedule an update again and it would REALLY schedule and update.

I wouldn't need to "RE-update" if they had updated it right to begin with.  There are whole categories missing that were modified for the update.

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Community Moderator

Re: Update to DP Channel did not work on 1 channel and now will now schedule update

Hi @jsonnentag,

Thank you for posting here at the Roku Community!

We appreciate you raising this issue with us. No worries, we're here to find you the best resolution possible.

Can you please clarify the specific channel you're referring to so that we may be able to provide you with an accurate resolution?

We'll wait for your response!


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Re: Update to DP Channel did not work on 1 channel and now will now schedule update

It is the "Clash of Minds" channel.

Just to list out everything that has been done now:

Scheduled another channel update and that came through this morning (e-mail saying it was updated) but nothing was fixed in the channel.  Still have missing episodes and Categories were not updated and even old original ones are missing.

Went through all the channel options and made modifications so all of them (except monetization) are marked as having changes to be implemented.  I changed the JSON feed to another file (just to check and see what happens, even though it is reported as being ingested entirely and perfectly fine).

Now it is taking forever to ingest the feed and I can't schedule a channel update without the feed being successfully ingested without errors.

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Re: Update to DP Channel did not work on 1 channel and now will now schedule update


You've posted to a forum for Roku users, where few, if any, will be able to help. Apparently this includes forum moderators.

The Developers forums are a couple of doors down the hall:

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