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Signing into NFL channel with Apple ID

I recently subscribed to NFL+ Premium and used my Apple ID when creating the account. There's no option in the Roku app to log in with Apple ID or entering an activation code on How can I log in since the Apple login method hides your email and instead uses one that is longer than the space allows when trying to sign in on the Roku channel?

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Re: Signing into NFL channel with Apple ID

When you say “used my Apple ID”, if you mean you used your email address (which is also the address you happen to use with Apple), then you should be OK.  If you mean you paid for it through some Apple payment system, then that system will probably only work on Apple products.  (Video streaming platform payment methods generally only work on that type of platform.)  When you say: “Apple login method hides your email”, then I think you paid via the Apple payment system, and will be stuck watching through Apple devices.  If Apple gives you a refund option, then you could close the Apple-paid account, and create an account directly with NFL, and then log into that on your various devices.

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Re: Signing into NFL channel with Apple ID

Hey, this just happened to me also but was able to resolve it. Just go to the NFL app on your phone and do a forgot password. I was able to reset my password using my email address and chose not to use the login with Apple ID on the second go. After I changed the password I successfully logged into the NFL app on the Roku. Hope this helps!


Re: Signing into NFL channel with Apple ID

Great idea; that worked for me and I was able to get on my NFL subscription on Roku.  🙂

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