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NFL network not loading when logging in with tv provider

I keep getting a 403 error forbidden with nfl network on my Roku devices. All of them. I have uninstalled the app and restarted the Roku. I know it has to be specific to Roku because my Amazon Firestick loaded it up no problem  

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Re: NFL network not loading when logging in with tv provider

Hi  @sacoffey

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To ensure the process of removing and re-adding the NFL channel is successful, restart your device before adding the channel back in. We recommend doing this from the Settings menu by navigating to  Settings > System > System restart > Restart. However, If the issue is only with the channel alone, this is a good indication that there is likely an issue within that specific channel that will need to be addressed with an update from the channel publisher. Channels on Roku are created and maintained by each channel publisher. In this case, you'll want to reach out to NFL support directly to share your feedback.

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Re: NFL App: Issue with TV Provider login

Here we go again. I am unavailable to log into NFL network with my TV provider. I keep getting a message saying “This content requires a TV Provider subscription with access to NFLN” I delete this app, restarted my Roku and reinstalled NFL app and I keep getting the same message. Now what should I try? 

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Re: NFL network not loading when logging in with tv provider

Yeah, same here. I am signed in with Dish Network as my provider and it still tells me I need to be subscribed. So I went and then logged in as well with my Paramount plus login and it tells me the same thing. So I uninstall the app and power cycled and rebooted, according to the directions here by going through the settings, and what not. And then I reinstalled the channel and it still showed me logged in with both providers. I tried this process a few times. I’m watching the game on my dish Netwerk set top box. I couldn’t be more frustrated with streaming. It is hot garbage I have been streaming since the very first Roku player was released. And has everybody’s transition towards it it’s gotten worse and worse. 


Re: NFL App: Issue with TV Provider login

Same here. So frustrating. Works on PC, phone, just not my Roku. 


NFL Network not recognizing my subscription

On my Roku, after I open the NFL Network app and click on its content, I keep getting message “This content requires a tv provider subscription with access to NFLN.” Thru my provider I have this subscription. I can get this access on my computer or on my regular cable tv. My provider is Spectrum. What can I do to get NFL Network and/or Roku to recognize this? 

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Re: NFL network not loading when logging in with tv provider


Thanks for the post.
If you are still unable to resolve the issue, we would recommend contacting the channel provider for further assistance regarding authenticating the channel. Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 



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