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Reel Rookie

Device Blacking Out, Channels & Episodes Won't Load

I received the a new extender, now the overheating error is gone, but the device keeps blacking out. It was doing this before but I was advised it was due to overheating. Now the channels either won't load (screen goes black then back to roku theme/homepage) and or, the episodes won't play. When they do play, the device goes back to its homepage/ desktop, after each episode. I have other, older devices and they look, function very differently. The system, channels available, and device options and functionality are updated,  look clear fresh, new and have no issues. I have tried deleting my channels and reinstalling them, as well as a ull system reset. I get the same result along with lagging responses to the remote. I only use the remote for the device, the remote is synced to the device and TV, it has air, is dust free, the TV has been checked and is in perfect condition and working order. This Roku device is not working. Please advise.

Thank You 


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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Device Blacking Out, Channels & Episodes Won't Load

Hi @enndot,

Thanks for posting here at the Roku Community!

We appreciate you reaching us here regarding your concern with your Roku streaming stick having playback issues. No worries, We're here to find you the best resolution possible.

It seems like you've done plenty of troubleshooting processes so far and we highly appreciate that. We suggest you do a hard reset this time to see if that resolves your issues with your Roku streaming stick. 

A factory reset clears the majority of data from your Roku device and restores it to a factory default configuration. Follow the steps below to help you:

  1. Press Home on your Roku remote
  2. Scroll and select Settings
  3. Select System
  4. Select Advanced System settings
  5. Select Factory reset

For further details and assistance, refer to our Support article on How to factory reset your Roku streaming device

Let us know how it goes and we'd be more than happy to continue assisting you with this as your satisfaction is essential to us.

All the best,

Carly Y.
Roku Community Moderator
Reel Rookie

Re: Device Blacking Out, Channels & Episodes Won't Load

Thank you for responding. I have already done a hard reset, a few times. I deleted all the streaming channels, themes, sounds, did the hard reset, reinstalled the channels and Wi-Fi, made sure the issues were not due to the TV or internet connection, did a manual check for updates, did a basic reset...... This device is not working properly. 

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Community Moderator

Re: Device Blacking Out, Channels & Episodes Won't Load


Thanks for the reply!

We really do appreciate the additional details about this and the great troubleshooting options you've tried.

It's like we've almost exhausted all those troubleshooting steps. Let's see if this works for you. Try connecting your device to an alternative network, such as a mobile hotspot, and then try again to see if you're still seeing the same issue occur.

Let us know it goes. Thanks!



Roku Community Moderator
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