Video doorbell and indoor cameras not giving notifications on my phone?

I'm not seeing any notifications on my Android phone when motion or sound events are triggered/recorded? Notifications for the app are enabled. So at this point I have no reason to hope I'll be notified in real time if anything important happens until I happen to open the app and check the event list? 

Is this normal? Am I missing a setting in the app or on my phone?

And maybe I don't know how to make rules well enough yet, but I see no way to trigger an alarm on the phone that would override the phone being set to silent. My alarm clock app will make an audible alarm even when the phone is set to silent mode while I sleep. I'd like an alarm to sound on my phone any time the doorbell is pressed. I'd like an alarm if any of the indoor cameras detects a fire alarm.

The lack of any real time notifications or alarms on my phone makes this system useless at preventing a break in real time. It will give me video to give police after the fact to catch a burglar, but doesn't give me a chance to set off the siren or use the two way audio to tell someone that I see them and to leave abd that I'm calling the police??

Anyone want to share if this type thing is working for them or not?

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