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Re: Outdoor Camera will not reconnect to wifi

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Outdoor camera was working fine then it went offline.  Battery is 94%. Powered off the camera and back on, nothing restarted the wifi still nothing. Can I remove the camera from the app and reinstall? How do you do this? I saw you can't factory reset Outdoor cameras.  Are the Outdoor cameras only good for a year.


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Re: Outdoor Camera will not reconnect to wifi

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Hello! @Mike4121,

Thanks for sharing in the Roku Community!

We appreciate your inquiry regarding the connectivity issues of your Roku Outdoor Camera to Wifi. We are happy to help.

If you experience connection issues with your base station or camera, try the following suggestions.

Base station

  • Check the status light to determine the current state
  • Remove the power cord for a moment and then plug it back in to restart your base station
  • Check the network connection
    • Wired connection: Try removing and reconnecting the Ethernet cable on each end. If that does not help, try switching to another port on the router and/or use a different Ethernet cable.
    • Wi-Fi: After you set up your base station using a wired connection, you can switch it to a Wi-Fi connection. If you encounter connectivity issues when doing this, check that there is a strong signal from the wireless router. If the signal is weak, try moving the base station to another location to help reduce interference.

If you continue to encounter connection issues with your base station, perform a factory reset by pressing the pinhole button next to the USB port with a paperclip (or similar) and then try again.


  • Check the status light and identify the current state
  • Charge your camera. The status light on your camera will flash red while charging and turn solid red after roughly 4 hours when fully charged.
  • If the connection is dropping after the camera was set up, check the wireless signal strength on the Device info page in the smart home app. Try moving your base station and/or camera to another location to strengthen the signal and reduce interference.

Due to privacy and security reasons, your outdoor camera cannot be factory reset. However, you can restart it. Simply open the weatherproof cover on back of the camera and slide the power switch off, wait a moment, and switch it back on. This procedure does not erase network settings or remove it from your Roku account, but may help with troubleshooting.

For more detailed information about setting up the Roku Outdoor Camera SE please check it here.


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