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Indoor camera will not stay connected

I have 2 Roku cameras. One outdoor and one indoor. Both worked great for about 3 weeks and then the indoor camera would just disconnect. I would have to go reset it and install it all over again and now I only get a day or two before it disconnects again. Outdoor is fine other then it glitches (but I live in the country) with that being said we went and bought an extender as our indoor camera is in the barn to watch our animals so service is not that great in there. Cell phones work great on the extender but I can’t get my camera to connect to it. It finds it but won’t connect. Is there something I need to do so I can connect my camera to my extended? 

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Re: Indoor camera will not stay connected

Greetings @Jenkins5 

Welcome to the Roku Community and thanks for posting regarding connectivity issues with your Roku Smart Home Camera.

Have you tried moving the Roku Smart Home Camera that you have connectivity issues closer to your wireless router without the user of the extender to see if you are experiencing the same connectivity issues? If you aren't experiencing an issue with the Roku Smart Home Camera next to the wireless router, this would indicate that there may be a wireless network connectivity issue possibly related to your wireless network extender.

Please keep us posted what you find out and we will be more than happy to continue assisting you.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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