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how to block roommates from accessing roku

hi, i'm a college student living in an apartment with 3 girls. my roommates so far have been very cheap. when i ask them to pay me back or i suggest reasonable costs for our home they refuse to pay for something they "won't use."

i recently bought a 52" tv with roku. they refuse to pay me for the tv because they don't plan on "watching tv" but it resides in the living room. i plan on hiding the remote and i have to connect the roku to the home wifi, but i'd like to restrict their access to it.

i would like them ideally to not be able to use the roku at all as in no downloading new apps, no accessing the apps I've already logged into, etc? full no access?

does anyone have tips on how to do this for my roku?

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Re: how to block roommates from accessing roku

You can get part way there.

Hiding the remote is good.  If your roomies are not too internet savvy they may not discover there are some Roku remote apps for iOS and Android that can be used to control a Roku.  Most TVs do have some buttons on the set that can be used, at least to turn it on and off, but they are often tucked into inconspicuous places and not all that easy to use.

You can log into your Roku account at, create or update a PIN, and set it to be required when adding a channel and/or making a purchase from within the Roku interface.

But once into the Roku interface I know no way to keep them from viewing channels already installed.

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Re: how to block roommates from accessing roku

Honestly, I’m not sure this is a good path to go down with roommates.  You’re demonstrating that you have money, and they'll probably be annoyed by being excluded.  They have so much access and so many ways to get back at you.

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