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Showtime on Roku Channel2

I tried to sign up for show time on my roku. Now I have Showtime on Roku Channel? Then I added Showtime channel and it says I do not have show time. What is showtime on Roku Channel and how is it different from showtime. Does this have access to all of the same shows as the real showtime? What is going on? It doesn't even let me cancel showtime on the Roku Channel. I can only cancel auto-renewal. It is on 30 day free trial now. If I sign up for real showtime am I going to get charged twice when auto-renewal occurs? Confused. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Showtime on Roku Channel2

NEVER sign up through an app or 3rd party device. ALWAYS sign up through the service's WEB SITE. That is the safest and will let you use it on any device.

To cancel, you need to go to your Roku account online and cancel the subscription there. You can then go to the Showtime web site and sign up there. But, be aware that Paramount+ and Showtime are merging. You can now get Paramount+ and Showtime together for $12/month, vs $11/month for Showtime alone. 

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Showtime on Roku Channel2

@flagrant99, to answer some of your other questions, something through The Roku Channel and the stand-alone something aren't the same thing.  They may or may not have identical content and if you subscribe through The Roku Channel that's usually, but not always, the only place you can view the content (not on the stand-alone channel/app or other non-Roku devices).  As you've noticed, you can only cancel auto-renewal since all subscriptions are prepaid and nonrefundable.  If you cancel it now you'll still have access until the end of its current term.  It's up to you if you want to wait until the end of the current term to take out a direct subscription or do it now and have two active subscriptions or just stick with the current subscription.  I can't speak to Showtime, but it's not unheard of for something to be available through the subscription on The Roku Channel that isn't available on the stand-alone channel/app, but it's usually the other way around (things available through the stand-alone channel aren't available through the subscription on The Roku Channel).

As you can see, there's exceptions and there's no one blanket answer that covers every subscription and every situation, but I agree with @andyross - you're always better skipping the 3rd party and subscribing directly on the provider's website.

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Channel Surfer

Re: Showtime on Roku Channel2

Thx for your responses. I cancelled the auto-renewal. I signed up for showtime direct on shows times website. The search interface seems better on "showtime" app. The showtime on roku channel search interface is confusing, couldn't find shows, etc. the "showtime" app actually breaks shows apart from movies, etc. It's amazing to me now that there are so many flavors of each streaming service. 

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