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Roku billing vs Britt Box billing

I have Britt Box individually.  I pay them directly.  I am currently not interested in Roku.  I know nothing about streaming channels on our tvs.  At this time, I am not interested in having a Roku subscription.  This is how we  got triple billed in the past.   Please do not touch my Britt Box subscription.  It is my understanding that I can have Britt Box independently.
I’m only interested in and currently am paying for Britt Box.  I’m not sure how you guys come in to this.  I don’t owe Roku any subscriptions.  Do not touch my Britt Box subscription.

Thank you.

Georgina Turner

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku billing vs Britt Box billing

Not sure what you are saying or why you think Roku wants to take over your BritBox subscription.

I have multiple Roku's, and NONE of my subscriptions are through Roku. In fact, it is extremely recommended to always subscribe directly as that gives you the greatest device possibilities.

Roku Guru

Re: Roku billing vs Britt Box billing

I found the post confusing too, but I think “The Roku Community” is not really the audience.  (It seems more like a warning shot at Roku Billing, which I think doesn’t hang out on this forum.)

In any case, not getting triple-billed for something is a matter for the consumer.  Sorry!

For example, I could subscribe to Dish, DirecTV, Cable, then get a Roku and add Sling, YoutubeTV, Hulu Live, Fubo etc. (all paid via Roku) then I could get a Fire TV and pay for all those same services through amazon, etc.  With a little effort, I think I could pay for the same content at least a dozen times. 

So, bottom line: you need to pay attention.  Here you are on a Roku forum saying you are not “interested in Roku”.  Um, OK, but if you have a Roku you should at least take enough interest in it to know how or if you are creating additional accounts on it for the same content.  Because with all the ways of watching TV, its completely up to you how many you sign up for.  “They” rarely know or care that you already have some other way of accessing the same content. 

Banned but back. Because why not?