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Roku Accounts Security Breach and Changed Credit Card Numbers & Zip Codes

Was anyone notified about this security breach by ROKU? I was not, and I only just found out about it when I got an email from ROKU that they were unable to charge my ESPN+ to my card. When I call ROKU they made me verify who I am, but said they "don't know who changed it or how. But it's ok, because I can log in and correct it." I went looking online and discovered the most recent breach happened on April 12 and was the second breach this year. How did they get paid for our ESPN+ in April and May? Sounds fishy to me. You?

FYI, Google: Roku says more than 500000 accounts impacted by cyber attack 2024-04-12
I want to know how and who changed my Roku ESPN+ credit card and zip code, please.
It must be a Roku computer system error, or the result of a breach of the Roku system where someone stole my credit card information, etc.
In either case, why wasn't I notified prior to my ESPN+ account payment being stopped and my account cancelled?
What assurances can you give me that this will not happen again?
Please advise me.
Thank you,
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