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Account expired tv doesnt work

So last night it says on my TV screen that my account is expired and has a phone number to call. Like an idiot I called it. They want $99 per year. Thankfully I didn't do it, but I really want my tv up and running again. I'm not super techy and I need help as to what to do.  TIA

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Community Moderator

Re: Account expired tv doesnt work

Welcome, and thanks for sharing here in the Roku Community, @khanson1165.

We understand that you're having an issue with your account. We are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the issue that you have raised. Does this issue occur on a channel? If so, can you please specify the channel affected by this? Also, is this a subscription through Roku? Or on a stand-alone app? 

Help us provide more information for us to provide a better resolution.

Please keep us posted for more updates.


Roku Community Moderator
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