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Reel Rookie

Returning defective Roku ultra

For over a week I have been emailing back-and-forth with support to no avail. I have tried all the suggestions but the new Roku still needs to reboot between channel or episode selections. Sometimes it just crashes back to the menu. My 30 day return period is running out and I will be away shortly. I need to expedite exchanging this for one that works. I have tried everything including testing it on different TVs, changing the cable, reinstalling software and channels, etc. the old Roku works as does what I borrowed to try out. It’s this box I assume. So… How do I exchange this one?

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Retired Moderator

Re: Returning defective Roku ultra


Thanks for reaching out to the Roku Community!

We're sorry to hear that you're having this experience. It looks like you were in recent contact with our Support team. We would recommend continuing to work with them to resolve the issue you are experiencing as they would be best able to assist you moving forward, and or if needed replacement.

We appreciate your patience with this matter.


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