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Reel Rookie

Customer Service Feedback

Hi, just finished "chatting" with a "customer service" person. The exchange was truly unbelievable so I'm posting the transcript to this community as a cautionary tale of what you can expect:


Chat Transcript with Robert Doe
Chat started on 06 Sep 2022, 11:33 PM (GMT+0)
(11:33:11)     *** Robert Doe joined the chat ***
(11:33:11)     Robert Doe
(11:33:18)     Roku Customer Service
An agent will be with you shortly. To avoid being disconnected, please do not minimize or close this window, and make sure your device has a strong network connection.
(11:33:55)     Robert Doe
Last Rep just now disconnected on me
(11:34:41)     Robert Doe
after all this wait!
(11:35:24)     Robert Doe
Issue: roku not sending activation email
(11:45:09)     Robert Doe
must be meal break there huh? Cuz que is shrinking very slow now.
(11:46:59)     Robert Doe
que Frozen @ 30
(11:48:59)     Robert Doe
9 hours now and still no activation email from Roku... Wonder if Roku's Email server(s) are broken?
(11:59:38)     Robert Doe
'Oh I've been waiting on an email all the live-long day...I've been waiting on an email just to make my Roku PLAY!' Can't you feel my desperation growing, growing all day long! Can't you see me shopping Amazon...maybe a Fire Stick can't be wrong... ---Sang to the tune "I've been working on the railroad."
(12:00:44)     Robert Doe
Railroad vice railroad....LOL
(12:02:42)     *** Sai joined the chat ***
(12:02:53)     Sai
Hi Robert!
(12:03:07)     Robert Doe
(12:03:20)     Sai
Yes, Robert.
(12:03:26)     Robert Doe
(12:03:31)     Sai
To assist you further could you please explain what is the exact issue you are facing with Roku, Robert?
(12:04:40)     Robert Doe
Roku hasn't sent any activation email in spite several requests
(12:06:31)     Robert Doe
I accidentally factory reset this morning.
(12:06:49)     Sai
Did you check your Spam/Junk folder, Robert?
(12:06:54)     Robert Doe
(12:07:25)     Robert Doe
and its mail account and everything is working fine w/ it
(12:07:44)     Sai
Could you please try to use a different email address and check, Robert?
(12:07:58)     Robert Doe
Also I have 3 computers and a phone syncing to that account
(12:08:51)     Robert Doe
I thought i had to ude my acct id?
(12:09:25)     Robert Doe
sorry for typos
(12:09:36)     Robert Doe
my dog just just the fence
(12:09:49)     Sai
Did you enter this same email ID on the TV screen, Robert?
(12:09:55)     Robert Doe
had to type when chasing a dog
(12:10:04)     Robert Doe
(12:11:04)     Sai
If you have an .alternative email address please try to enter that and check, Robert?
(12:11:32)     Robert Doe
I'm beginning to suspect the IP stack is starting to fail on this stick and I've only had it since April/May
(12:12:02)     Robert Doe
Will u stay on the chat while I try?
(12:13:03)     Robert Doe
(12:13:43)     Robert Doe
requires doing yet another factory reset
(12:13:50)     Sai
Sure I will be here, Robert.
(12:14:10)     Robert Doe
k we go for the 9 time
(12:17:35)     Robert Doe
(12:17:46)     Robert Doe
got the email
(12:18:15)     Robert Doe
And that is a Working Gmail account too
(12:18:42)     Robert Doe
maybe you system is blocking
(12:19:53)     Robert Doe
give me a sec to open email
(12:20:47)     Sai
(12:21:02)     Robert Doe
The email says I need to establish a new acct under that email
(12:21:24)     Robert Doe
How do I get around that?
(12:21:34)     Sai
Yes, please create a account and you can follow the on-screen instructions, Robert.
(12:21:59)     Robert Doe
I don't need another Roku account!!
(12:22:22)     Robert Doe
Bad enough I'll need to set up the stick again!
(12:23:05)     Sai
There was something wrong with the before email address, Robert.
(12:23:37)     Robert Doe
I get email from you regularly
(12:23:52)     Sai
If there is a problem with the Roku definitely you will not be getting an email for this alternative email address as well, Robert.
(12:24:57)     Robert Doe
NO, maybe you server trashed the activation requests as spam
(12:26:25)     Robert Doe
I've test the email account (my Roku ID) several time today And sent/ received several outside email today as well
(12:28:01)     Robert Doe
If I have to cancel that account just to fix this then I will NOT renew any of the premium subscriptions of subscribe to new ones!
(12:28:27)     Robert Doe
I can do that on Amazon just as easy
(12:29:51)     Sai
Do you want to cancel your subscriptions, Robert?
(12:30:16)     Robert Doe
WOW! you don't care
(12:30:44)     Robert Doe
Been happy w/ roku for years but...
(12:31:42)     Robert Doe
I'm still signed on so I'll do it myself if that is hoe you want to resolve a customers issue
(12:32:48)     Sai
As I suggested to use an alternative email address you got the mail right, Robert?
(12:33:31)     Robert Doe
You said I need to set up a new account right
(12:33:59)     Robert Doe
Or can I just change it in my Roku account profile
(12:34:01)     Robert Doe
(12:35:39)     Sai
Please visit and sign in after signing in you can see an option called Deactivate account.
(12:36:14)     Sai
After that create an account and then you can use the same email address on the TV screen for the activation purpose.
(12:37:49)     Robert Doe
Anyway... I'll be including this in my online reviews (google,Yelp,etc) of Roku and customer service. Too bad I was prepared to order 3-4 more premium subscriptions
(12:38:06)     Robert Doe
Thanks for nothing...
(12:38:12)     *** Robert Doe left the chat ***

NAME     Robert Doe
LOCATION      United States
URL     Livechat Popout

Streaming Star

Re: Customer Service Feedback

Wow Robert, that’s pretty bad.  The chat session was bad but the Wait!  Wow. Unbelievable. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to use Roku chat support - only telephone support. Maybe that’s the best way to go (assuming that’s possible) in the future. Thanks for an entertaining read. 😊

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Re: Customer Service Feedback

Hey!  I happened across your post while looking for a way to change my avatar. I just noticed you actually have a different avatar that you uploaded. Why can’t I find where to add my own uploaded avatar? I’ll admit that on my iPhone I do have lockdown enabled so there’s a chance that I can’t see the button to change my avatar.

I see where I can change email address… when I go to my profile, I do see a hyperlink titled settings, but it doesn’t offer any option to change that avatar. I look forward to hearing from you or anyone else that happens to know the answer to this.



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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Customer Service Feedback

Hello @SerenityNow,

Thanks for this inquiry.

Suppose you meant changing your profile's avatar here at the Roku Community. In that case, you can do it by visiting the "My Profile" option in the upper right corner of your Roku Community feed and clicking on the picture icon. An option to input a new photo should be available. We believe using a computer would make this a lot easier to navigate.

We hope this helps. Let us know if you have other Roku-related issues and we'll do our best to help.


Nadee K.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Customer Service Feedback

Thank you. Perhaps you are correct about using a PC but unfortunately I don’t have access at this time. I tried what you said before I posted but it’s dawned on me to try it again after turning off content blockers. 

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Customer Service Feedback

Hi @SerenityNow,

Thanks for keeping us posted!

We'd like to take a closer look into this inquiry that you're having. Could you send us a photo or video of your running concern?

With detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.



Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Customer Service Feedback

Hi @RokuJohnB 

I just added a Content blocker and I’ve never used one before. Just as I have begun to suspect over the last few days, that was the only reason I was unable to see a link to change my avatar. Thank you for responding. With most things, I have begun to notice that if I can’t see, the option is due to having a content blocker turned on. Often, it’s worse than that (he’s dead, Jim!) because I can’t even reach certain pages and will instead get a 404 error until I turn the content blocker off. 

Even with the Contant blocker turned off, there are still areas like login or settings – or even above this box I see six emoji‘s… Actually, I see five because the second to the last one appears as just a box also. This could be because on my iPhone I do have turned on lockdown mode for which there’s a reason but that may very well be why I can’t see things that I should be seeing.

While I have you here, is there a way to format my text? I don’t see that option like to emboldened or italicize text. Also, I don’t see a way to edit my post after the fact. I see no way to add an image or hyperlink title.

With this previous issue, you asked me to send a photo rather than attach a screenshot, which leads me to believe that this ability doesn’t exist here.

If that is the case, is there a way to edit text, add images, or in a post I just added, I needed to put a hyperlink. I don’t see a way to title that hyperlink, but only to paste the long character string. What I mean is - is it possible to put [b] text [\b] to embolden text? Or I’m going to test *right here* to see if putting asterisks around text might possibly emboldened it. Therefore, if you see the word ‘text’ above emboldened, or the words ‘right here’ bolded, it actually worked. I can’t preview my post before actually posting it.I can’t edit my post after it’s been posted. That’s why I’m describing this now.

So, are there commands that can be used within this box to format text, add links or images?

Thanks and advance.


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Re: Customer Service Feedback

neither of those worked… Wait a minute this is bold! OK obviously there is a way…

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