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Charged for but some channels aren’t showing

So I took advantage of the Black Friday deals and got a couple of channels, 8 of them, but I only see 5. Epix still says I need to subscribe and it’s not showing a couple of others. It ended up adding BET which was meant to be Epix so, thinking it may have been my fault, I went in to purchase Epix again. It shows 3 purchases on my statement for it but still no channel. Is there a glitch because of Black Friday?

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Re: Charged for but some channels aren’t showing

It looks like there are 2 subscriptions that should not be there at all: True Royalty and BET. These are purchases I’d never made and I’m guessing we’re glitched active when I bought the Epix one which still isn’t showing. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Charged for but some channels aren’t showing

@CoreFineArt Are you purchasing all of these channels from the same source like Roku.  If you purchased from Roku you can contact Roku support at

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