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no internet connection &remote issues

the roku remote doesn’t work for our tv i am guessing because it’s an older tv. well our internet shut off and now the roku remote won’t work on the app because the roku doesn’t have internet connection please help me ! 

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Re: no internet connection &remote issues

Roku remotes are made to work with Rokus.  Roku TVs have different IR codesets than Roku players, so you can't use a Roku Simple Remote (which is IR-only) on a Roku TV.  I believe you can use the other Roku remotes with a TV since they are Wi-Fi and can be paired to the TV.  You can also get a replacement Roku TV remote (paying attention to which brand of TV you have because Roku TVs don't all have identical IR codesets.)  Many universal remotes will work as well.  Just make sure it is for a Roku TV (not Roku player) and that it includes your brand of Roku TV.

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