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Roku Ultra 4662X works on one TV but not another

I have two smart TV's about the same age an LG HD 3D TV and a Samsung.  I have two Roku Ultras that both work on the LG but neither on the Samsung.  The connections are all setup correctly when setting up on either TV so no issues with  power supply, HDMI or TV source work with the Roku's on either TV.  I've taken them to other people's houses and had no issues so it's not the boxes or the TV's.  The LG is in the living room and the Samsung in the Family room so both are on the same network .  I've read so many comments and I haven't seen any that are having this same issue.  So this is what happens when I hook up to the Samsung:  The Roku starts up and the dancing Rodu letters show on the TV which, to me, indicates there is no issue with the HDMI connection or the power supply, then it states No Signal so I can't get to any settings or anything.  I tried hitting the home button, a manual reset, hitting the reset button on the bottom of the box but still nothing so if there is no issue with the box or the TV where is the disconnect.

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Re: Roku Ultra 4662X works on one TV but not another

Something to try:

While connected to the LG where it works, set the Roku to the actual screen resolution for the Samsung, instead of "Auto detect".   Now try this Roku on the Samsung.

Settings > Display type

When you change the Display type to a new setting it runs you through several screens:

  • A screen where you can choose from the available options on that device.
  • A screen where it analyzes your choice to be sure your tv supports it, then gives the option of trying that choice if you wish.
  • A screen with a countdown timer and two choices:
        Yes, screen looks good
        No, I will choose a different setting
    The "No" option is highlighted by default. To keep the screen resolution you're currently trying, you need to arrow up to the "Yes" option and click on it before the timer runs out.


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