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Roku TVs and Roku Express and Ultra Problem with Spectrum WiFi

I have had Spectrum home internet for years and have had my own wireless routers.  I used Asus and Netgear units.  Three Roku TV's and 2 Roku external units all have worked perfectly.  We used the Spectrum app due to the face that we have no set tops.  No problems until yesterday.  I purchased a TP Link AX1000 gaming router to replace the Spectrum Wi-Fi 6 one.  On Saturday morning I noticed that on the channel guide there are house symbols on a number of channels where the channel numbers should be.  Also one of my channels that we use frequently there is a picture but no audio.  This is on all TVs.  I also see a little box scroll up on the screen that states that for full access I need to connect using my Spectrum home internet.  Well I'm an using home internet.  The only change I made was to replace the router.  If I switch back to the Spectrum unit then everything works again.  I called Spectrum technical support and they said it will work with any wireless router.  So all trouble shooting we did didn't work.  I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Signed out of the account and signed back in. Power cycled and etc. Technical support was going to report it to the group that maintains the app.  I used other equipment up until Thanksgiving last year and had no problem what so ever.  The only reason i change was for to try out the Wi-Fi 6.  Any suggestions as to the problem and possible fix?  I really would like to keep my new wireless.

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Re: Roku TVs and Roku Express and Ultra Problem with Spectrum WiFi


The AX 11000 is triband router that has DFS compatibility.  This means that when the router is set to "Auto", it can choose a DFS channel (52-140) on the 5ghz band that the Roku devices cannot see or use.

Additionally, on this router, you have the ability to use two (2) 5ghz bands.  One uses low band channels 36-48, and DFS 52-64.  On the second 5ghz band, this uses the higher band channels 149-165 and DFS 100-144.

On the 5ghz band, Roku can only see and use channels 36-49 and 149-168.  Try going to Advanced/Wireless Settings and manually assigning one of these channels rather than Auto. (this will disable DFS in that band).

On the 2.4ghz band, if your Wireless protocol (Mode) is showing b/g/n/ax, try setting it to just b/g/n.  This router only supports channels 1-11 so does not offer any unsupported channels.  Try using channels 1,6, and 11.

If you have Smart Connect Enabled, try disabling that feature and use the above configurations for your router instead.  Remember to give all your bands (2.4ghz, 5ghz-1 and 5ghz-2 unique names -- do not name them all the same.  This way you can see which band they are connecting to, and also which bands are showing as available to your Roku devices.)  


Feel free to post back with an update or if still having issues.  Please note whether things were better, worse, no change, etc.  Also include the model numbers of your Roku devices from Settings/System/About. (the models numbers are more useful than the names so we know exactly which device we are looking at for troubleshooting).  I see you mentioned TP Link AX1000 but assuming you meant AX11000.

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