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Resetting equipment constantly

Since i can't talk to Roku support, because they don't support the particular Roku products I have. Can anyone suggest a replacement for Roku that they have found that actually works without having to reset the equipment at least three times a week??

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Re: Resetting equipment constantly


If you provide some more information as to your issue, can perhaps provide you some help in addressing your connection problems.

1. Model numbers of your Roku devices (Settings/System/About)

2. Router model number (sticker on bottom)

3. Your ISP (internet service provider)

4. What are your current network settings for both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands. Namely, under the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands, what are the "Wireless Modes/protocols" and "Wireless Channels" set to.  You will need to either enter into your router admin portal via web interface or app(if applicable) and look at these.


Otherwise, if you do not want to troubleshoot, many find the Firestick/FireTV, AppleTV, or the Chromecast with GoogleTV to be suitable replacements.  I am seeing the Chromecast with GoogleTV in places for $20 currently. (extended Black Friday deals).


However, can usually get the Roku devices working with some tweaks to network settings.  Not all networks are properly configured for use with the Roku, and the ISP companies have been making changes to settings or through router firmware that is negatively affectively Roku devices unless you make some changes to them.  There are also some Settings within Roku that may help depending on device model number.  Of course, sometimes just easier to go with something that works right out of the box.

Feel free to post an update if you wish to troubleshoot the issues.

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