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No remote, not connected to wifi.

I have a Roku tv Hisense, in my daughters room. We lost the remote that came with the tv. It won’t connect to the internet so I can use my phone to pair the new remote. Is there anything I can do to get the new replacement remote to connect to the tv so I can then connect it to the wifi? 

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Re: No remote, not connected to wifi.


First, to see if you can get the RokuTV to connect to your network again, try rebooting your router and also unplugging your RokuTV.  Then plug the TV back in.  See if the combination of rebooting the router and the unplugging now gets you connected to your network.  If so, you should now be able to use either your Roku mobile app as a remote or attempt to pair your Roku remote.

If the above does not work, try to connect your TV to a mobile hotspot if available.  Once you connect to your hotspot, should be able to get the Roku remote to pair as well.  If you have two phones available, use one as the hotspot and the other to use the Roku mobile app remote feature.

If practical, the third method would be to run an ethernet cable to the RokuTV from your router if your RokuTV has an ethernet port available.   This should give you a wired connection immediately.

If you have the Roku Voice remote, you should be able to push the pairing button (look in the battery compartment for a little button and press it until it flashes green) and then unplug your RokuTV.  Plug it back in and press the manual On button located on the RokuTV.  

If your Voice Remote does not have a pairing button, then press and hold the Home and Back  buttons for 5 seconds and look for a light to flash on the top left front of Roku Remote.  Then unplug your RokuTV.  Plug it back in and press the manual On button located on the RokuTV. 

https://support.roku.com/article/360011621473 (pairing Roku remotes)

If still having issues, try posting a screenshot here or posting model number of the remote you are having issues with. (to post screenshot, look for the little camera icon above.) 


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Re: No remote, not connected to wifi.


First step is to be sure you get the correct replacement remote.  Note that the original infrared remotes that come with Roku TVs do not use the same set of infrared commands as separate Roku DEVICES do, so you must be sure you get one that specifically says it can control a Roku TV.

Roku TV remotes are supplied by the TV manufacturers, not Roku.  You can find replacement Roku TV remotes from a number of Roku TV manufacturers as well as third party manufacturers.  Check with Best Buy, Wal-mart, Target, etc. as well as online from Amazon, etc.  With your Hisense, you can use a remote for any Roku TV.

Some infrared universal remotes can also control a Roku TV -- just be sure it says it has codes for Roku TV, not just Roku.

Note for others finding this thread: Roku TV remotes from HiSense and Sharp can only be used with HiSense and Sharp Roku TVs because they issue a different set of IR commands than the rest of the Roku TV manufacturers use. The Roku TVs from HiSense and Sharp themselves, though, support both sets of Roku TV IR commands so they can be used with remotes from any Roku TV manufacturer.

Roku TVs can also be controlled by the Voice Remotes sold by Roku.  These connect to the TV via wifi rather than infrared and must be paired with the specific TV set you wish to control.  You can find them from Best Buy, Wal-mart, Target, etc. as well as online from Amazon, etc, and from Roku itself .  The Voice Remote is about $20 and the Voice Remote Pro which adds an earphone jack for private listening and a rechargeable battery is about $30.

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