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I need help setting up Ethernet, how much cable, etc?

 I just moved across the country to a place I left, and had Roku service just fine.  I return and the company has a lock on their equipment so that Roku can't be used.  So I kept the company for the internet and had to go to Satellite TV for my TV.  However, I can't get Roku to pick up the Wi-Fi from the internet 15' away.

I was reading about Ethernet adapters and it seems the way to go, but I need to know if I'll have to move the TV to where the router is or vice-versa.

Can someone please help me with this?  I'm really struggling here.

The biggest problem is that for three days, I was able to access Britbox and today, nothing.




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Re: I need help setting up Ethernet, how much cable, etc?

If you go with ethernet, you’ll need a wire.  They’re generally allowed to be up to 100 meters (328 feet) long, so length should not be an issue.

You might want to try simple things too.  Like if your Roku (what model number??) only works with 2.4GHz ethernet, then your router might only be transmitting 5GHz ethernet.  But this is probably easily changed at the router.  Ie: turn on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, make sure all modes (b/g/n) are enabled.

Keep in mind that many of the older lower-end Rokus that can only do 2.4GHz Wi-Fi also have no provision for adding an ethernet adapter. So, check models carefully before you start ordering ethernet stuff.

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