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Re: Hotel and Dorm Connect not working for Xfinity wifi hotspot after changing Xfinity accounts

Been having this same problem with my Roku and fire stick. I even managed to type in the login page on the silk browser. It let me connect to Xfinity website. I even logged in to my account and when I went to the home screen it still said no internet... And when I do what it tells me to join the hotspot a join "Xfinity" page pops up and just stays blank. I've reset the device. Reset my tv. Nothing has worked. It says signal connection great and the only website I can get to is xfinity.com lmao. Been trying this off an on for about 8 months now. I've looked for hours and hours and hours online. I've called customer service for Roku Amazon fire stick and Xfinity. Not a single answer anywhere. Turns out fire sticks and Roku tvs are just garbage. And so is Xfinity... Only answer I can conclude.. I bought a small dell optiplex 3020 computer and a wifi dongle and connected it to my tv with HDMI. Spent like 200$ just to not have to ever deal with a Roku or fire stick ever again. And I have FiOS at home anyway. I'm opting out of this nightmare

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