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Factory reset after device is disconnected

I just purchased a new Roku Ultra to replace my 5 yo Ultra. After I disconnected my old one and set up my new one, I thought I might gift my old one to someone in my family in need. I am wondering how I can do a factory reset on the device I disconnected. I didn't think to do it before I disconnected it from my TV and network.

Is this even possible? If I go to My Account and Unlink it, will this reset it?

Thanks for any and all assistance!

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Re: Factory reset after device is disconnected

Unlinking it from your user account is a smart thing to do, but it does not do a factory reset. You can do that without it being connected to a display, but you do need the power supply (which you likely still have if you're going to gift it to someone).

On the back of the Roku is a small hole with a button recessed within. Press and hold that button (a straightened paper clip works well) while you connect the Roku to power. Now, this is critical: keep pressing that button for a MINIMUM of 30 seconds. Not one second less. After that time period has passed, the Roku has been factory reset (but it does keep the latest OS version) and you can power it off and give it away without worrying about your personal information. 


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Re: Factory reset after device is disconnected

Thank you so very much! I swear, I am going blind in my old age! I figured there was a reset somewhere externally as in routers and I looked and looked and did not see one. Actually, mine has a reset button and I simply did not see it!



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