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Suggestion for Roku Remote

I would like to make a recommendation that instead of having preselected "Netflix" "Disney" "AppleTV" and Hulu. To have them blank so that we users can select what channels we want.

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Re: Suggestion for Roku Remote


This has been a frequent request for years.

Channel providers pay to have their direct access buttons on those remotes so I don't think this is likely to change.

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Re: Suggestion for Roku Remote

"Selling" the channel button space is part of the business model.

Depending on which roku device you can buy other remotes with different buttons on the internet (second hand or clone). Not sure if oldest "radio" remotes (no buttons at all or gaming buttons) will work on newer roku ( @Tivoburkee would know). 

If you want to select your own buttons, and the roku isn't a stick, then oneforall model 7935 is for you, not too expensive and fully configurable!

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