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I would like to see more classic TV shows on roku

I would like to see who the boss back on roku all eight season ,the facts of life also back on roku all eight seasons, the waltons all eight or nine seasons, different world all eight seasons, more night time classic TV soap opera, like the original dynasty all and every seasons, my sister Sam the 80s comedy sitcom all first and second seasons 1980s hotel another night time soap opera all and every seasons, the Jefferson all and every seasons,Sanford and son all every seasons family ties all and every seasons,Laverne and Shirley all every seasons,happy days all every seasons ,in the house 1990s show all every seasons,1970s Rhoda all every seasons, Phyllis 1970s all and every seasons eight is enough all every seasons ,I would like to see these classic TV shows added on roku instead these reality TV shows or if not on a free network channels like freesome, tubi,imbd TV, roku,crackle, and others I also would to like to see good times all and every seasons and it's a living all five seasons and also eight is enough all seasons, and Alice every seasons and falcon crest every seasons I would definitely like to see these show on these network especially and would let me know if these shows will come on those channel or network that I want to see them on email me [personal information] thank you my kindness regards

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