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GUEST MODE needs serious improving to be useful

Copied From the Community. Reposting because it's a GREAT idea.

Here's how guest mode SHOULD work:

1. Owner sets up default apps for guest mode (not Roku's default apps). Guests have the option to install more apps if they want, but each owner probably has a solid understanding of the most used apps in his/her area. AppleTV, Netflix, Prime, Hulu, YouTube etc.

2. Owner should be able to log into, and lock, select apps. For example, if an owner provides streaming service from Comcast or Spectrum Cable, the owner logs into their account on the app in guest mode and then LOCKS that app. As it stands now, the owner cannot even pre-install their cable company app, let alone sign into it. And the owner can't just leave their account access info for guests to use!

3. Guests turn on the TV and enter their departure date (a time should also be required since that can vary). They can immediately use the owner's provided service (comcast, spectrum, At&T etc) or sign into their own accounts on Netflix, Hulu, etc. or install other apps that they want to use.  When their departure time hits, the Roku signs them out of any apps they used and resets to the owner's default guest mode.

I don't know how to get Roku's attention on this and get them to consider changing the way guest mode works, but perhaps if numerous Roku owners here liked or commented on this post they might get the message. Thanks for reading this!

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