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Few suggestions for next upgrade

I am new to Roku and have only used the devised for about a week now, but would like to make a few suggestions/request for the next system's upgrade.

1) There's too many screens when you first turn on the tv in guess mode. There's the first welcome screen, next--> set checkout date, next--> entering guess mode (honestly I didnt even read the last screen because it was way too much). I even think there's an "stay informed with updates" screen). Way too much to just turn on the TV. 

2) Channels on home screen in guess mode: The owner of the devise should be able to customize which channels and the order they appear for guess mode. Shouldn't have to have each guess stumble around a system they're not familiar with. 

3) Guess mode checkout date: as there is a online guest sign out option that owners can use, there should also be an online check-in/date range selection option that owners can set online. Syncing with Airbnb, Vrbo and/or booking managers would be a plus

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