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Provide option to adjust vertical position of captions / CC


     Please consider adding an option to solve a problem that exists in certain cases. The problem could be solved by providing the option to adjust the vertical position of captions.

     Currently, captions are placed toward the bottom of a 1.78 frame which means the captions are placed outside of the frame when viewing content of wider aspect ratios such as 2.35.

     Viewing, for example, 1.78 matted 2.35 content via a projector and anamorphic lens or viewing this content on a 2.35 screen set to full width, crops areas outside of the 2.35 frame to view the frame in original form. The Roku, however, places captions vertically outside of the 2.35 frame thus the captions are cropped in these instances.

     This problem can be solved by providing the option to set the vertical position of the captions. When the Roku is installed in environments supporting 2.35 content, the Roku, at installation time, could be configured to vertically raise the captions so they are visible both when viewing 1.78 and when viewing 1.78 matted 2.35 content on a 2.35 screen.


Thank you for the consideration.

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