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Feature Request: AirPod Pro Spatial (5.1/7.1) Audio Support in Private Listening

I just want to throw this out here in hopes it gets seen and ultimately the feature supported..

I watch content on my Roku a lot using the Private Listening feature on the iOS Roku Remote App. I do so using AirPod Pros. I would LOVE to have the new feature that arrived with iOS 14, spatial audio, or 5.1/7.1 surround sound, be accessible via the app.

I am not exactly sure what would be technically required, but I assume the ability for the app/iPhone to receive a 5.1 or 7.1 audio stream from a Roku TV or streaming device without any converting or degrading said audio stream.

I realize this may take time to work out, but I'm sure other Private Listening users with AirPod Pros would find the feature to be absolutely groundbreaking to be able to listen to surround or even Atmos audio without needing to rig their TV set up with expensive audio equipment.

Here's to hoping this feature comes to the Roku Remote app on iOS soon! Smiley Happy

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Level 7

Re: Feature Request: AirPod Pro Spatial (5.1/7.1) Audio Support in Private Listening

Thank you for putting in a Feature Request for Roku TV support for Spacial Audio on AirPods Pro. I'm sure many others like me would be eagerly looking forward in having the update.