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Control from lock screen

It would be great to be able to use the remote right from the lock screen opposed to opening the app every time. Spotify has this feature and it’s so helpful. 


Re: Control from lock screen

I created a Community Account just to agree with this guy. 

That’s that Roku, you pretty much have to now. 


Re: Control from lock screen

Honestly I would love this; they’re trying to help y’all. Y’all could make improvements like these, run some ads for the app, and maybe that’ll reduce warranty use, maybe even allow y’all to commit more resources towards add campaigns. 

Reel Rookie

Re: Control from lock screen

I went through the bother of finding my password to log in to agree, y'all absolutely MUST make this happen


Re: Control from lock screen

I’m massively in favour of this. That’s five of us now, surely it has to be a thing that can happen?

Re: Control from lock screen

2024 and still nothing on this that I know of. Also have to have phone unlocked to use Siri to control remote 

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