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Reel Rookie

Small Icon Selection in Home Screen Settings

Hi Roku:

Until yesterday, I had the small icon setting on the home screen that enabled a 4x4 view. It disappeared, and the feature to toggle between large and small icons is not visible anymore.

I can see from the Community Posts and Reddit posts that this has been brought up by users for several months now.

Will you please advise us the status?

The response I got on Reddit was unsatisfactory:

"There are a few employees in the subreddit, but the only ones authorized to speak officially are clearly flaired. That is not to say you should directly message them. Make a post like everyone else. You've been on Reddit for seven years; you should know this."

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Streaming Star

Re: Small Icon Selection in Home Screen Settings—NOW GONE!

Agree with you 100%.

Weirdly, the 4x4 grid disappeared overnight and now it's HUGE 3x3 grid, with some of our favorite channels off the screen!

As you reported, there used to be a setting to change icon size, but I can’t find that, anywhere.

Please fix this, Roku!  Or, tell us where the settings are to fix it.

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