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Channel request: Adding RFD-TV to Roku


    I was wondering, if anyone can tell me how I request RFD-TV on roku?  I was on RFD-TV's website and it said about e-mail them.  So, I want under "Contact Us" on Roku's website and it doesn't say anything about channel or content request. So, I was looking on the community forums and saw people requesting different things and thought if I post here maybe I can get help.  I don't know, if there a way to really request channels for roku but I thought I post this here, in hopes maybe RFD-TV would maybe get add on day.

I'm request RFD-TV for Roku because it Rural tv and shows us a lifestyle that a lot of us will never get to live or see in real life.  RFD-TV also has a lot of great programming and classic shows like Hee Haw and musical programs like the grand old opry.   

So, if anyone from Roku is reading this, please consider adding RFD-TV to Roku.


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Re: Channel request: Adding RFD-TV to Roku

I would love to see RFD TV on Roku also!

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Re: Channel request: Adding RFD-TV to Roku

Hello ROKU... I too would like to request RFD-TV be added to ROKU.  There are several in my family who just purchased their ROKU after seeing mine.  But unfortunately realized that RFD TV is not an option. 

PLEASE... PLEASE... PLEASE add RFD-TV as an option.

Thank you

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Re: Channel request: Adding RFD-TV to Roku

Please add the RFD channel to Roku. I used to have it with Direct TV


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Re: Channel request: Adding RFD-TV to Roku

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Re: Channel request: Adding RFD-TV to Roku

A request for any channel to be added to Roku should be directed to the channel or content creators. Roku provides the hardware and the OS with the features needed, it is up to the people who run the television channel if they want to create a channel / application that works on Roku.  I believe Roku has created a development environment that makes it fairly easy to get started - it can't be too difficult or we wouldn't have the huge number of channels we have now. Bear in mind, though, that there may also be licensing issues for a channel that shows syndicated television shows like Hee-Haw.

It sounds like you should start a campaign to have people e-mail the RFD-TV folks to request this.

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Re: Channel request: Adding RFD-TV to Roku

RFD-TV Now is available on the Roku platform for those interested.

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