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Add IR code lists for soundbars (not just for TVs)

I just bought a Roku Ultra, and I think it's a neat feature that you can program your Roku remote to control your TV using the IR transmitter.  I do not have any use for TV controls;  I have a Samsung soundbar that I need to control though.  The TV automatically turns itself on when it detects a video signal, so literally all I need is power and volume controls for my soundbar.  All things the Roku remote has the dedicated buttons for.

I have tried literally every single code under every brand, and none of them work with my soundbar.  Presumably, brands won't re-use TV IR codes with other devices in order to avoid code conflicts, but I had to try anyways, just in case.  I would love to consolidate 2 remotes into just 1.

I don't think I would be the only person who would find value in having soundbar IR codes available to program into their Roku remotes.

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