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Reel Rookie

my experience with customer service when my roku stick started crashing

just wanted to share this in case anyone had similar issues

1) my roku stick plus which was just like 6 months old started crashing. roku customer service was responsive and replaced it. promised a new one sent but sent a used one. (that was disappointing) then that one they sent was crashing worse...  was turning off mid program... randomly...  maybe overheating. every few weeks...  every week... then more often. then would have to unplug then replug in and it would start again

2) even though they sent me the defective one no joke customer service spent 5 months having me try different things... NOTHING HELPED. but i would have to wait and wait for it to happen again. i just let the process happen. nothing fixed it. they kept having me change settings, they had me switch plugs, switch ports, changing power strips... on and on. was like if they replaced it again they would get fired which i dont get... they have millions of these tiny things laying around.

3) finally they gave in replaced it with a used one again sadly but this one finally worked. 

my point it they eventually fixed it and were polite through the whole process as was i...  but it took a ridiculous amount of time. my advice is don't give up if you are having issues.

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