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Youtube tries to start videostream, but ends up crashing the app.

Dear Roku and users,

Youtube is the only app I have ever had problems with on Roku.

Problem 1 is memory management... After more than a few hours of using Youtube on Roku, the app slows downs and becomes unusable. A system restart is the only solution.

Problem 2, and this is more recent, the Youtube app tries tries to begin a video stream, but chokes and gets stuck on "loading..." OR I get an error message... "Could recognize the video format" or something like that.

Problem 1 has been going on for years, but has gotten worse lately. This is a Youtube programmer error as not other Roku app I use has ever had these problems.

Problem 2 is relatively new and I suspect it's an video encoding/server issue.

I won't bother trying to ask Google to fix it... As is the norm, they'll blame it on someone else... in the this case Roku. But considering no other apps have this problem on Roku, it is clearly on the Youtube/Google team to fix it.

I request you tell them to get their app in order or get it off your platform.





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Re: Youtube tries to start videostream, but ends up crashing the app.

Google is constantly putzing around with its YouTube coding, often to try to thwart 3rd party download apps.  Seems to me they do a lousy job of making sure their updates work on platforms other than their own Chromecast.

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Re: Roku Youtube App-An Abysmal Nightmare.

The YouTube app on Roku is an abysmal nightmare! It has been for about a year.  You want to pause a video on YouTube to watch later, the app shuts off and you have to find the video again and fast forward to where you left off. SOMETIMES, you can hit the purple X button in middle of remote and will take you back to the video and where you left off, but it BARELY happens. On occasion, videos won't fast forward or rewind a video by holding down the ">>" or "<<" buttons, you have to CONSTANTLY click on those buttons a zillion times to do so. 

New issue I've been having for over a month with YouTube app on Roku? The app freezes constantly. You wanna navigate videos? It freezes up and the box either reboots on its own or I have to manually unplug and replug it back in. Wanna watch a video? Same thing happens as already stated. 

I have two Roku boxes and it's happening on both--and they're different models. I've also done box updates along with removing and re-adding channel to the Roku box. NO OTHER APP IS DOING THIS! 

For a billion dollar company, you'd think google would offer a less buggy app. This app is in total need of fixing and becoming user friendly.

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Re: Roku Youtube App-An Abysmal Nightmare.

Hi @Charmedonex3,

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community!

We understand that you're having a problem with the YouTube app. Help is here. If the issue persists on one channel after attempting the troubleshooting steps and videos from other channels play fine, contact the channel provider's customer support team to report the issue and get help. The channel developers themselves maintain channels on Roku. In this case, an issue within that specific channel likely needs to be addressed with an update from them.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you.

Best regards,


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