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Reel Rookie

My 2nd streaming stick in 5 years


This is the 2nd Roku streaming stick I've had in 5 years.  After using it last night, I woke-up and tried to use it again this morning.  I put the adapter in a wall outlet and then the streaming stick in a hdmi port on my tv.  The light on the streaming stick was white, as it should be for 10 seconds then started to blink for 5 seconds before disappearing.  I thought the wall outlet wasn't up to par this morning so I tried another outlet.  It didn't work.  So I tried all of them in my house and the same thing happened with all of them, 10 seconds of the white light showing on the streaming stick, then 5 more seconds but it's blinking then it disappears.  I chatted with Roku chat representative and he/she said to push the reset button on the streaming stick for 10 seconds and try it again.  Same thing happened with the white light on the streaming stick.  He/she said try another outlet and I told him/her that I did and same thing happened.  Then he/she said try another TV.  I chatted back, "How many TV's do you think I have and do you want me to go out and buy another TV?"  After approximately 30 minutes he/she tells me it's faulty and they can't do anything more.  Any suggestions?  Should I spend another $49.99 on my 3rd Roku streaming stick in 5-6 years? 

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Re: 2nd streaming stick in 5 years

Try another USB power adapter from a phone or tablet.

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