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Wrong movie plays - (2004) Christmas Lights

The Roku Channel shows the correct cover picture and information for this British comedy movie. When you click the play button you get a collection of Christmas music and images only that is also called Christmas Lights. There's actually 3 titles called Christmas Lights. I checked all 3 to see if it was possibly a bad link or something like that. None of them take me to the movie I want to see.

Any help would be appreciated! 

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Roku Guru

Re: Wrong movie plays - (2004) Christmas Lights

Hi @Lesboop

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I have forwarded your concern to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further. Once we have an update, we'll let the Community know immediately.

Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Kariza D.
Roku Forum Moderator
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