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Reel Rookie

Sound fluctuation problems

I have had the same problems for several weeks. I contacted Roku by email several times, but they haven't given me a solution.  I tried everything that they suggested.  They even promised that a supervisor would call me, but no one ever called.  We have 7 Roku devices.  It seemed to have happened after I updated the software. 

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Re: Sound fluctuation problems


Thanks for the post.

If you are already in contact with our Support team, we would recommend continuing to work with them as they would best be able to assist you moving forward.


Danny R.
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Re: Sound fluctuation problems

Apparently you really didn't read his note thoroughly.  He has been left in Limbo by the support team.  They said they would call him, but nobody has.

This is an on-going issue with some of the Roku units.  My solution has been to hit the Home button, then re-start the program I was watching and that solves the sound issue, at least for a time.

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Re: Sound fluctuation problems

mine randomly gets lower till it goes out ....i have to go home and restart channel ...

this started a month or so ago ... it must have top do with an update m sure.......



Re: Sound fluctuation problems

We've had a similar issue recently with a couple of our Roku Ultras on different TVs and channels.  Playback goes fine for a couple hours then the audio level drops unexpectedly to almost zero.  Solution is to restart the Roku.  Issue has happened daily during vacation and is quite annoying. Roku Ultra (4670 series)  


Re: Sound fluctuation problems

This happens to us daily.  we miss a few words in every show.  If we have the TV on pass many times looses the volume all together.  We have to push the button under the ultra to reset then fine.  We have to do this daily.  Very frustrating and not fun to miss parts of your show.  We had the Roku stick for years and never had this problem.  All started about a year after we purchased the Roku Ultra.  Very sad, also would like a fix.


Re: Sound fluctuation problems

I can confirm that this issue is not specific to the ultra.  It's also happening with the 4k streaming stick.  There are 3 different threads on this message board about the same volume issue.  Many folks are experiencing the same issue with different Roku hardware, TVs, and soundbars.  The common denominator across all these examples is Roku.  My only guess is that it has something to do with the software version.  I'm running the streaming stick with software version 11.5.0 build 4312-50.

Roku team, can you please provide an update on when we can expect a fix to this annoying issue?


Re: Sound fluctuation problems

We are experiencing the same issue, and have been for a few weeks now. For nearly three years it worked fine, then apparently Roku's most recent software update has this annoying bug. Roku Support, please provide your customers with an acknowledgement of the issue and a coherent explanation that you have a solution in development.

Thank you

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Re: Sound fluctuation problems

There seem to be quite a few topics floating on the support forum regarding problems with the audio developing an "underwater" sound or getting very distorted. I've been experiencing this on my Roku Ultra quite a bit lately. The app that I mainly use is the Xfinity Streaming App and it is defintely present there. I don't use any other apps enough to say if the problem is specific to the app or not. However, as someone who has spent 20 years in tech fields, I do have some opinions here.

First off, I have tried all the obvious stuff. Swapping HDMI cables, Trying different HDMI ports on the TV, playing with audio settings, etc. etc. etc. The problem is CLEARLY tied to the Roku device as the TV has no audio issues what so ever when streaming directly from the TV apps, using a Blu Ray player, or using a cable set top box. Rebooting the Roku device does "solve" the problem, but the problem eventually returns so it's not really solving anything - it's just band-aiding it. Others have said they can tinker with the audio settings in the Roku menu to get the problem to go away. That hasn't been the case for me, but when audio settings are adjusted, the Audio Chip / Amp IC circuit within the Roku most likely quickly resets itself as it moves from one audio mode to another. That quick reset of the audio chip when toggling between audio modes is more or less very similar to a full blown reboot of the Roku device - at least from the standpoint of troubleshooting audio problems. None of these fixes are actual fixes. They are just workarounds and inconveniences for the customer. I think the clear problem is a subpar audio amp within the Roku device. It's a hardware problem. Roku won't admit to this as the problem, but given the nature of what happens when you toggle audio settings (quickly resetting the audio IC) or when you reboot the entire Roku device (also resetting the audio IC, a bit more thoroughly) - this is a hardware problem. Is the audio chip overheating? Is it not properly processing the audio format of streaming apps? Who knows - but none the less, it is a HARDWARE PROBLEM. Unfortunately, Roku won't admit to this as they'd potentially be on the hook for an actual fix at that point, but the conclusion to be drawn here is there isn't an actual "fix" to this. Just work-arounds. And I'd urge everyone to keep that in mine when it's time to replace your Roku devices. Does fire-stick have this same problem? If not, maybe that's the direction to go.

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Re: Sound fluctuation problems

I encountered similar issues "sound fluctuates up & down and sound sync issues" with 2 seperate roku devices (1) Roku soundbar 9102x (2) roku model 4670x. I started a chat session with Roku today and was told the issue would be escalated to another group and I could expect a call back. Unfortunately no one from Roku called me back.

When thinking about the ussue I realized the sound issue only happens within the Xfinity app. I have never experienced the issue in any other app such as Netflix, HBO or Prime to name a few. I exited all apps, returned to Home, high-lighted the Xfinity stream app and selected the * key on the remote. I noted the version: 6.9 build 0. I choose "check for updates" No updates found. I then choose "Remove channel". After doing so I exited all apps, choose Roku "Store", searched for the Xfinity stream app and reinstalled the app. Doing so I had to reauthorization the TV device. After doing so I have not encountered any sound fluctuation issues within the Xfinity app in the past 8 hours. I'm hoping removing and reinstalling the app corrects the sound fluctuation issues I have been encountering since mid-November. I believe the issue encountered started after a Roku update in mid-November.


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