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Roku series 2710x reboots every 30 seconds tracker id: 80-416-779

Tv keeps restarting from streaming player roku 2170x series

I've done every reset hard and factory also checked the power sources it's directly plugged into my wall outlet HDMI is fine WiFi connection is great also tried the app and remote control on there as well as performed a system restart and update all software and firmware this is my issue tracker id: 80-416-779 please help me Roku 1 (2710 series) 

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Re: Roku series 2710x reboots every 30 seconds tracker id: 80-416-779

Hi @Gamesaver101,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We really appreciate you for taking the time and effort to provide this information to us, and we're sorry to hear about the trouble. The Roku 1 streaming device was released way back in 2014. Today's streaming channels on Roku are updated, and it might be that it no longer supports the Roku 1, as the reason that your device keeps restarting. It's best to purchase a new streaming device since they are capable of running the latest version of channels and Roku OS.

You can browse for Roku streaming devices here at Roku Streaming Devices & Players

We hope for your understanding regarding this.

All the best,

Takashi O.
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Re: Roku series 2710x reboots every 30 seconds tracker id: 80-416-779

@Gamesaver101 Your Roku player was released in Sept 2013, so it's now over 10 years old. It is no longer supported by Roku with software updates, and many providers no longer support that old of a player. Honestly, it's time for a replacement. 

If you need a wired connection, your only choices are the Roku Ultra or an Express 4K+ which supports a 3rd party USB Ethernet adapter. If you want a USB port for playing media from an external drive, the Ultra is your only option. If neither of those are a concern, then I recommend either the Express 4K+ or the Streaming Stick 4K/4K+. I don't recommend the basic Express, for a multitude of reasons. It's worth $10 more for the Express 4K+, believe me. 


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