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Re: Roku has become worthless without proper frame rate matching

@RokuCarly Thanks for the response, but this is not the issue we are talking about in this thread.  What we are talking about is when the Roku is set to match frame rate, it will only output in 23.976fps which is what most 24p Bluray movies and streaming are.  The Roku WILL NOT output in 24.000fps if the file playing back is encoded at 24fps which some streaming now is.

To reiterate, Roku devices WILL match the framerate of 23.976fps content but WILL NOT match the framerate of 24.000fps content and will cause the 24.000fps content to be jerky even with display framerate matching enabled.

Binge Watcher

Re: Roku has become worthless without proper frame rate matching

I plugged in my Roku Ultra from 2021 the other day to see if the latest updates fixed this issue. 

The answer is no, it did not fix this issue. Still no support for 24.000 FPS. Fired up Rings of Power and immediately noticed the stutter every ~40 seconds. 

Unplugged the thing and back in the garage bin of "useless tech gadgets" it went. Right next to my Amazon FireTV from 2015 and my first generation Chromecast from 2014.

Now back to using the built-in apps on my LG C1 TV. Hilarious (and sad) how the built-in apps for my Smart TV work better than a dedicated Roku device.

Channel Surfer

Re: Roku has become worthless without proper frame rate matching

This explains why when watching Four Lions on Netflix the other day, i was seeing a stutter every so often.


Anyone had a way of getting Airplay to framerate match? Everything is stuck on 60. (Streaming Stick 4K)

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Re: Roku has become worthless without proper frame rate matching

I'm curious if a fix is even possible via software development changes? Or is this issue only addressed with proper hardware improvements. 

If a software fix would do it, AND Roku actually prioritized working on it, it might be worth it to continue waiting.

Otherwise if this is more of a hardware issue, I may as well yank the Roku, and go to ATV 4K.

Anyone know if software could address the issue?

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Roku has become worthless without proper frame rate matching

Hi community users,

Greetings from the Roku community!

We're glad to assist you with your inquiry. Please be advised that the current generation of Roku streaming players is designed to output all content at a display refresh rate of 60 fps. If you prefer, your Roku player can be configured to output the native format of each movie, video, or TV show by enabling the auto-adjust display refresh rate setting, if available. Please note that the auto-adjust display refresh rate setting may not apply to content from certain channels. When the auto-adjust display refresh rate is disabled, your Roku player outputs all content at 60 fps. A movie filmed at 24 fps or a video shot at 25 fps may exhibit subtle jerkiness due to the conversion to 60 fps. To avoid this behavior, you'll need to enable the auto-adjust display refresh rate. Please follow the steps below.

The auto-adjust display refresh rate setting can be enabled or disabled from the Settings menu on your compatible Roku player. The setting will not change when your Roku player reboots or when the software updates.

  1. Press Home on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll and select Settings.
  3. Select System.
  4. Select Advanced System Settings.
  5. Select Advanced Display Settings.
  6. Select Auto-adjust display refresh rate and choose from the following:
  • Enabled: Your Roku player will automatically switch to the native format of the movie, video, or TV show when playback begins.
    • Due to video mode changes on your TV, the picture may flash to black when starting and stopping playback. These video mode changes may occur more often with channels that automatically play video content when browsing the channel interface.
    • The auto-adjust display refresh rate setting is not available for content on some channels, such as Netflix or Hulu. When enabled, titles on these channels will output at the same refresh rate.
  • Disabled: Your Roku player will output all content at 60 fps.

If the issue persists, you may also need to adjust the video settings on your TV. Consult the documentation included with your TV or contact the manufacturer directly.

We hope this helps.

Kind regards,


Eunice L.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Roku has become worthless without proper frame rate matching

Thank you for the response. However this doesn't address the issue, as outlined in the 09-07-2023 08:22 AM post from lakerssuperman above.

Binge Watcher

Re: Roku has become worthless without proper frame rate matching

While we appreciate the engagement, this answer DOES NOT answer the actual question being asked and borders on misleading. 

The current Roku devices DEFAULT to 60fps output, but have a feature that can be enabled to have the Roku output the native source framerate, but the Roku devices currently CANNOT OUTPUT integer 24fps content, only 23.976fps (24p) content.

We are looking for the software to enable integer based framerate matching as there is content out there in 24.000fps now along with the more traditional 23.976fps.

Unless the hardware is incapable of doing 24.000fps output, which seems unlikely, but would also be a clear and direct answer that would inform us as users as we make plans for our home entertainment systems going forward.

Thank you.

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Re: Roku has become worthless without proper frame rate matching

I might point out that most online streaming players do not have 100% matching framerate functionality. Many will do 24p instead of 23.976 or 60p instead of 59.976. And sometimes it's reversed, with the player outputting the fractional rate when the content is a true integer rate. All I am saying is that I don't believe there's any inexpensive player on the market that will framerate match the exact rate for all content. 


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Re: Roku has become worthless without proper frame rate matching

Roku Ultra 4802X video playback issues. With the Roku feature: "Auto refresh rate enabled", video playback will at times stutter which repeats at 40 seconds intervals. After performing a factory reset on this device, the video playback would freeze but audio would keep playing. This issue reproduced multiple times during the playback session. Swapping in the 4630X Roku device and watching the same video file played without any issues with video playback at 24fps. The 4630X device also has the Roku feature: Auto refresh rate enabled. This issue does not occur when a video is streaming at 23.976fps.

Manually disabling the Roku Ultra feature: Auto refresh rate, rebooting the device will at times allow the playback of video files to be fine. However videos are recorded in 24fps and the playback looks odd when playback is now at 60Hz especially with movies. Having to manually change the Auto refresh rate feature to disabled or enabled is a major problem. As noted this issue does not occur with the 4630X model so this is a regression with the software of the 4802X or a hardware issue.

I've tried changing the audio and display options for the 4802X to different combinations but nothing helps the issue with Auto refresh rate enabled.

Test setup is using the same HDMI and ethernet cable. I have tried a known working HDMI 2.0 cable and ethernet with the Roku Ultra but continue to have the same issues.

It seems Apple TV has a feature "Match Frame Rate" that allows for both fractional and integer refresh rate depending on the content being streamed as noted earlier in this thread.

Match Frame Rate on your Apple TV 
Roku Ultra (4800 series) 
Roku Premiere+ (4630 series)  

Binge Watcher

Re: Roku has become worthless without proper frame rate matching

Just to add my two cents, I'd definitely appreciate a Roku with proper framerate support. I had to swap to an Apple TV, but I'd much rather stick to Roku, which I prefer in every other regard.

I don't think any Roku product can believably include the word Pro or Ultra in its name without including this very important feature. 

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