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Roku express timeouts & remote vanishing

I have a Roku express 4k that I purchased in January 2023.   I am experiencing a few different issues with it which may or may not be related to the specific cause.   

I watch several streaming channels, most often Pluto streaming, and have this issue on most, the most frequently on Pluto.   

first The most frequent & annoying issue is a timeout while watching a streaming channel.  It happens on Pluto but happens to a much lesser extent on Netflix, prime, Hulu & paramount.  While I’m watching tv, the channel will pause like I’ve hit the pause button playing something back, and will be stuck from anywhere from a few seconds to over 5 minutes.  Sometimes I’ll even change channels within the streaming app, or go to a completely different new app.  They will work, but sometimes can have issues with playback. 

second issue is with the remote on my express 4k. When changing channels or selecting a movie/show/channel, sometimes the remote will not respond to my input.  Then all of a sudden, I’ll get the battery notification on the screen like I’ve just put in fresh batteries.  It happens several times a day, maybe 5.  

those are the two most common problems I’m having.  I have also noticed the Roku is warm to the touch, enough to where I stand it on the side to get as much air around it as possible.   It doesn’t seem to help though; I still get the frequent timeouts & the flaky remote thing.  

im on fiber optic, connection speeds are good.  Although I have a lot of smart devices on the network, other things work properly, and I have decent internet connectivity.   

help says it’s not supported by agents, and the extended service thing I got (it was the first one of these id ever bought) says it’s still under manufacturer warranty.   However, I’m not sure how to state the issue & determine how to inform support of the actual issue.   

I’ve removed channels which has made no difference.  Wireless is 5ghz, which is less than 3 feet from the router.   

model 3941x which replaced a 4630x

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